Update on Andrew

I took him back to the doctor today. they gave him a shot to help break up the mucus in this chest. They want him back in the morning for another x-ray to see if it helped. He is taking a nap right now. I am tired.

4 thoughts on “Update on Andrew

  1. Holly I sure hope he gets to feeling better…..I laughed when I saw Joshua’s hair, I had several Mom’s come into my shop wanting me to fix their kid’s Boo-Boo with the scissors, I think all kids go through that, lol….

  2. I hope Andrew is better.

    Chuck & I are in NC. We came here to get away from the snow and we woke up Wednesday to 2″ of the white stuff on the ground.

  3. Hi Holly,

    Sorry I missed your call today. Your sure are having a heck of a time with Andrew.

    Love you,

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