Andrew 10 Months

I have taken some pictures of Andrew lately that are just too cute. So I thought I would share. Sunday we were watching the race and Andrew pulled himself up to the TV and was trying to catch Jeff Gordon and Kurt Bush. It was so cute.



Aren’t these just the cutest little feet. I love baby feet.


Today I got out Andrews activity table. He really likes it.


And this look says,”Okay Mom that is enough with the flash already.”


4 thoughts on “Andrew 10 Months

  1. Oh, is he ever a charmer! I love that last photo the best. Looks like he definitely has an opinion to share. Cute little feet, too.

  2. He is the cutest, I particularly like the last pic, he looks like he has had enough of the camera.

  3. Oh my gosh he is so cute, now you need to teach him….
    GO JEFF GO!!!!
    LOL, That’s all we here every Sunday in our house, Go Jeff Go!

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