Scrappy Baby Quilt Finished

Yesterday I took this baby off of the wall in my sewing room and finished it. I didn’t take long to quilt it. It was so much fun too. I think I am growing to love the finishing process as much as making the top. This is the first quilt I have free motion quilted. I have done one table runner which is now on Josh’s dresser. I am so excited. It feels great to have gotten it done. There are a couple puckers on the back. I crossed over a few lines here and there. I am not trying to be perfect. I like the messiness of it. Very cute. I am donating it to the Mountain Baby Blankets project.





8 thoughts on “Scrappy Baby Quilt Finished

  1. It’s very sweet. You’re doing better than me. I have one in the same pattern but in repro scarppy colors. It’s about 5 years old and still not bound or quilted. My husband says I’m letting it age-like wine.

  2. great job holly!!!!

    wooo hooo doing the kittyhappydance for you

    first free motion quilt and sweet to donate it too



  3. It’s bright and cheery! Your points came together beautifully. Love the free motion quilting. I’ve only worked on one table runner. I didn’t cross over the lines. My thing is that I lose the nice round curves and get pointy. I don’t see that you did that at all. Great job!

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