We Are Back

Gatlinburg was fun. It rained almost the whole time we were there. CYC was inspiring. There were 7000 Christians in one room all singing and worshiping God. It was awesome. There were some very good speakers. The kids were pretty good over all. It took us two hours longer to get home because of the traffic leaving Gatlinburg Sunday morning.

Saturday I woke up with a cold. I can barely breath out of my nose. It is awful. If I could breath I would feel wonderful. Andrew has a runy nose too. I guess we caught the same thing. Everyone else is healthy so far.

I need to cut up the fabric for my cousin’s quilt this week. I also need to sandwich a baby quilt to send to Rachel for Mountain Baby Blankets.

One thought on “We Are Back

  1. Morning Holly,

    Sorry to hear that you have another cold. I am glad that you had a safe trip.

    The Quilt is very warm. Thank you.
    Love Mom

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