Woodland Pincushion

I received, in my opinion, the cutest pincushion ever in the mail yesterday. Every time I look at it I get a huge silly grin. I need get a littel bird or squirrel button to go with it. The log house is the pincushion and so are the polka dotted mushrooms. A lot of effort and time went into this. Thank you so much Connie. I hope you are reading this. It is just fantastic.




9 thoughts on “Woodland Pincushion

  1. That is indeed the most adorable pin cushion I have ever seen! I would love to know where the elusive Connie got the pattern. But then, who am I kidding, I don’t think I would attempt such an ambitious project.
    That is such a great get!

  2. WOW! That is spectacular, what a treasure to own, how lucky you are. Thank you for sharing, I enjoy seeing the ideas and outcome of what people can make. It is so neat and something that does make an instant smile. Thanks for sharing.

  3. okay that is just wayyy to cute for words! I think a pixie of some sort would be perfect for it and of course a squirrel and a deer 🙂

    What a sweet thing to receive!!



  4. Thanks for reading and commenting on my quilt appraiser guest blog on quiltinggallery.
    What a great gift. Awhile back I saw pincushions and pins with woodland motifs, like squirrels and owls on etsy.

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