Tooth Fairy Pillow and Lye Soap

I have been encouraging my sister in-law, Mary to make some things to put on Etsy. She recently took a trip to KY to see the in-laws and Judy taught her how to make lye soap. I told her to wrap some up and I would put it on my Etsy store to see if we can sell any of it.



She also made an adorable tooth fairy pillow for her daughter Emily. I asked her to make one for Joshua. He will be losing a tooth soon. (I will post a picture of his in a later post). She is in the process of making a few to put on Etsy. They are just so cute. Her mother made some for her and her sister when they were little.It is completely hand sewn. Even the pocket.


Isn’t it adorable?

You can see the listing in my Etsy store.

Oh and on a sewing note, I made one block for a swap. Woo Hoo!!!

dsc06236The picture is a little blurry. It is for a swap. Using the Tennessee pattern. I have 5 more to make. It felt great to sew.

3 thoughts on “Tooth Fairy Pillow and Lye Soap

  1. Hi Holly,

    Andrews birthday pictures are adorable.

    I love Mary’s tooth fairy holder, it is very cute.
    Her soap looks very pleasing the way it is wrapped.

    Keep on quilting, you always do such a nice job of it.

  2. Morning Holly,

    Thank you for the photos. I like the tooth fairy holder. I still have a few of your baby teeth and locks of that blonde hair from when you were little.

    Love you,

  3. LOVE the way you have packaged up the soap!! It looks very natural and eco-friendly. Hope it is a best seller.

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