Half Apron

I made this apron for a contest my friend Laura and I are supposed to enter. I am not completely happy with it. The directions for the pocket didn’t seem right. I think I will make some with out pockets.




Joshua’s Soccer Game

Here are a few pictures from Josh’s soccer game. The game ended 0-0.



This is the same coach he had a few years ago when we first signed him up for soccer.


Andrew was so good. He stayed on the sheet the whole time.


Think he is thirsty? Or teething?


This is the only picture Tyler would let me take of him. Reminds me of uncle Jeff.


Andrew was playing peek a boo.



New Appliances and Critters

Our washer finally quit on Sunday. So look what I got yesterday. They are so awesome. My first load of laundry was towels and they dried in 30 minutes. It takes longer to wash than dry. The dryer has a sensor that can tell when the clothes are dry. It shuts off when they are dry. How cool is that. And the washer only uses 15 gallons of water compared to 45 with a top loader. I did like 10 loads of laundry in 24 hours. And the washer is so quiet. It also has a speed wash and dry setting. So that if you need something that is dirty you can throw in a couple things and wash it in under thirty and dry it in under thirty minutes.


When I came home this morning the dog was barking like crazy. I peeked around the the side of the house and she was trying to get to something fuzzy that was clinging to the wall. I only saw the side and thought oh no that can’t be a rat. I went in and out on to the deck to get a closer look. Lady had a chipmunk trapped and wouldn’t let it down. I had to bring her in the house. And then of course grab my camera. It was the biggest chipmunk I had ever saw. About the size of a small squirrel. Poor thing was shaking. I went out a little while later and it was gone.



And just a few minutes ago Emily found Andrew eating dry dog food. Yuck. It must be good. He is now in the high chair eating some mixed fruit. That has to taste much better.

Mini Quilt

I joined a mini quilt swap on swap bot. This is the first one I have made for a swap. My partner likes 30’s material. The rules said you had to embellish it. I hope she likes it. It measures about 9 1/2 inches square (almost). I hand stitched the binding. This is new to me. Only the second time I have done this. I have a long way to go on the that.


Sad News

It breaks my heart to tell you that my dear friend Carol who lived in Sweden has passed away. She recently found out she had anal cancer. She passed away in her sleep May 14th. My thoughts and prayers go out to her daughter, Maya and her husband. God bless you all.

Stepping Outside of My Box

I have finally bit the bullet and I am hand sewing down the binding on a quilt. I have been hesitant about trying it. Thank you Grace for encouraging me. I did one side last night while I was watching the biggest loser finale. I love it. Gives me something to do while I listen to the TV. LOL. I’m not a big TV watcher anymore. I used to be before I started making quilts.

I went for a walk at the park this morning. 2 1/2 miles. The second lap wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. Hopefully it won’t be raining in the morning so I can go again.

Happy Sewing.

5 Inch Fabric Charm Swap

Every month I host a fabric charm swap on Swap-Bot. I put up the post for June today if anyone is interested. The sign ups go through the first of June. You will have 2 partners and send them each 10 different charms. This month is anything goes as long as it is 100% cotton material. Here is the link.

I also started a 1930’s 5 inch charm swap last month. I started a post for June today. Who doesn’t love 1930’s print. Here is the link for that swap.