351 Post

Wow it is hard to believe that I have that many posts. getting closer to 400 everyday.

Tim left today for Annual Training. he will be gone for 2 weeks. How will we make it without him? I will have pulled out all of my hair by then.

Josh has a fever virus. I took him to the doctor yesterday. No swine flu, thank God. Tyler saw the doctor too. he didn’t like what he heard in his shoulder so he has to go to the bone and joint clinic on Monday. Woe is me.

I am hoping to get some sewing done. I have so many projects to work on and never enough time.

I wanted to share one of my favorite places to buy fabric. Marshall Dry Goods. they have awesome prints for between $2.99 – $3.99 a yard. They have civil wars, Thimbleberries, some 30’s, calicos and blenders.

3 thoughts on “351 Post

  1. Hey Holly,
    Sorry to hear about the kiddos, I hope they get well soon..
    Glad you like Marshall’s Dry Goods, Donna and I visit there about one to two times a year, It’s about 80-90 miles from us and I’m in hog heaven when I go there.
    I buy their batting on the big rolls, so much easier and cheaper than buying else where….

  2. Morning Holly,

    Sorry to here that Josh is not feeling well. It sounds like you have your hands full.

    Thank you for all you post,

    Love you,

  3. I can see why you like the fabric site. They have some really beautiful fabric, I really liked their batiks.

    Love Gram

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