New Appliances and Critters

Our washer finally quit on Sunday. So look what I got yesterday. They are so awesome. My first load of laundry was towels and they dried in 30 minutes. It takes longer to wash than dry. The dryer has a sensor that can tell when the clothes are dry. It shuts off when they are dry. How cool is that. And the washer only uses 15 gallons of water compared to 45 with a top loader. I did like 10 loads of laundry in 24 hours. And the washer is so quiet. It also has a speed wash and dry setting. So that if you need something that is dirty you can throw in a couple things and wash it in under thirty and dry it in under thirty minutes.


When I came home this morning the dog was barking like crazy. I peeked around the the side of the house and she was trying to get to something fuzzy that was clinging to the wall. I only saw the side and thought oh no that can’t be a rat. I went in and out on to the deck to get a closer look. Lady had a chipmunk trapped and wouldn’t let it down. I had to bring her in the house. And then of course grab my camera. It was the biggest chipmunk I had ever saw. About the size of a small squirrel. Poor thing was shaking. I went out a little while later and it was gone.



And just a few minutes ago Emily found Andrew eating dry dog food. Yuck. It must be good. He is now in the high chair eating some mixed fruit. That has to taste much better.

3 thoughts on “New Appliances and Critters

  1. Holly,

    I can’t believe the new washer & dryer! Hooray. We got one last year and just came up with a fabric softener issue today. Gummed up stuff was all over the towels, so back to the internet to see what to do. Good old Vinegar- no more fabric softener, it says vinegar will soften.

    I am so Happy for you. With that growing family you needed it.

    The chip munk is cute. A crow got the Robins eggs outside the window. Made me sad.

    Must have been pretty hungry if Andrew went for the dog food.

    Love & miss you all,

  2. Holly,

    Your mother used to eat the dog food at my grandmother’s house. She was still crawling and would head for it every time we went to visit. MMMMMMMgoood!!!

    If washers and dryers can be beautiful, yours are!!!!

    Cute chipmunk, but they can be rascals.

    Love Gram

  3. Holly,
    I love your washer and dryer, I have been looking at those and I told my huband the next time thats what I want, the dryer I have doesn’t have a perma-press cycle and I soooo miss that…
    Congratulations girl on the set….
    awwww, poor chipmunk…

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