Cobblestones Quilt


I got the new issue of Quilt Magazine yesterday. The is a quilt called Cobblestones. It is made with hexagons. And sewed together in strips. I really like this quilt but don’t want to sew hexagons together. I am a little lazy in that reguard.  So I was looking at it and thought I could break it down into squares. So I got my grid paper out drew up a scale of it. These are tweleve inches blocks using squares and HST’s. So this would be king sized. 100 inches squares. You could make it smaller. Which I think I will attempt a small one. Maybe using 2 1/2 inch sqaures and 2 7/8 HST’s.  Make a lap quilt or baby quilt.

6 thoughts on “Cobblestones Quilt

  1. Holly,

    I really like that. To me it almost looks like stain glass window panes.

    Miss U,

  2. I don’t have the magazine picture in front of me but couldn’t you also do snowball blocks with a sashing? Just a simpler suggestion. I’m so impressed and you have inspired me to also look at quilts in magazines differently. I sometimes just skip thru a quilt I like but think it’s too hard.

  3. Sounds like you are in for a challenge, but it will be beautiful. I admire that you can see things differently.

  4. Oooohhhhh, that is very interesting idea using squares and half squares.
    Andrew is so cute and aren’t they fast with those tiny fingers….LOL……take care and have a great week!

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