Our A/C is Fixed

The past 12 days have dragged on with no AC. A big thanks to Sonny and Jackie for letting us stay at their house while we were waiting to get it fixed. John came and fixed it this morning. What a blessing air conditioning is. With the heat index it has gotten up to 105 here this week.

We went to Lowe’s yesterday and bought 4 ceiling fans. One for each bedroom and one for the breakfast nook. Tim and Tyler put up the one in the breakfast nook a little while ago. They did a great job. It is so nice to be home again. I need to sew. I am having with drawls. LOL.

5 thoughts on “Our A/C is Fixed

  1. So glad you’re getting a chance to cool off. Sounds like it was just in time.
    ove the little quilt in the last post.

  2. Morning Holly,

    Glad to hear you are cooling down. The ceiling fans will help to circulate the cool air & hopefully your a/c unit won’t get so over worked.

    We are getting warm weather up here.
    Love you,

  3. Well, I had to go out on the deck to warm up today, it’s freezing in here.

  4. Oh, Holly! I can’t imagine an hour without air in those circumstances. So glad you have it fixed and those fans
    will help, too. Stay cool!

  5. Hi Holly, I guess I didn’t realize you had a blog too. I was surfing Quilting Bloggers and found yours. I need to post more on my blog. I’ve been doing so much on QATW and ignoring it. You’ve got some great stuff here and a good looking bunch of kids!

    Glad your A/C is fixed!

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