Fabric Postcards

I recently posted on my fabric postcard blog about 4 fabric postcards that I made. If you would like to see them you can go to Posty Pals. I am trying to keep the posts I put on Fabric Mom about quilting. I also have quite a few links to sites on how to make a fabric postcard.

There is quite a lot of people joining us at swap bot on the Fabric Postcard group. Each month I host a fabric postcard swap. The group that I am a co-founder of on swap-bot also has a few fabric postcard swaps.

I really enjoy making fabric postcards. Making quilts can take anywhere from a week to years to finish. I can make a fabric postcard in about 15 to 30 minutes depending on the embellishments and quilting. Doesn’t everyone love a little instant gratification every now and then.

If you are new to fabric postcards and have any questions feel free to ask.  If I can answer them I will. I love to share ideas and help fellow crafters. Happy sewing and God Bless.

Charmed Table Runner and Coaster

I made this table runner and set of drink coasters for dear friends from church. Justin is our youth minister and song leader. His fiance Sylvia teaches the little kids too. They are a sweet young couple whom I wish many years of happiness. Her bridal shower was yesterday. I started to make a quilt but just didn’t have time to work on it. It is much easier to make smaller projects. Maybe i will still be able to make that quilt before they get married on December 22nd.


This is the fabric on the back.


Here she is opening the gift.


Halloween 2009


Joshua as Optimus Prime and Zach as Spiderman.


Me, Joshua, and Zach. I look so happy. Can you tell I love getting my picture taken.


Andrew as a marshmallow on a stick. I was gonna toast him but Tim said no.


My little marshmallow with his daddy.


My nutter butter ghost cookies.


Earthworm cupcakes.


Zombie guts.


Alien sandwich and cookie finger with candy corn nails.


Optimus Prime with his best bud Bumble Bee (Moses)!


Baby Brailun and Brandy


Kaitlin as a witch. Reminds me of the witch from Snow White.


Here is Andrew out trick or treating. He is just too cute. It was cold so we had to put long sleeves on. I couldn’t find his brown pants. So he wasn’t on a stick. LOL.