WIP Wall Hanging

I need help…..I started this wall hanging and I’m just not happy with the way it is. I want to do something to the heart blocks but I’m not sure what. Maybe appliques some solid colored hearts in the middle or some yo-yo’s. Anyone else have a better idea. I am almost ready to just scrap it.

Here is a picture of my new hair do. I cut off about 7 inches. LOL. I know I’m crazy. It is just so thick. This hair do is much easier to deal with.

I made this anvil block for a swap on Swap-Bot.

Here is my baby helping me clean the bathroom last week. He has a fascination with brooms and mops. LOL. I hope it lasts.

I signed up on line to make a quilt for the Quilts for Kids project. Downy is a sponsor. I got my kit in the mail today UPS. I knew I would get a kit for a boy. The fabrics are adorable. All I have to do is sew it together and supply the batting. Oh and quilt it. Thanks Jerrie for sending me the link for this.

3 thoughts on “WIP Wall Hanging

  1. Holly,

    I think ithe lower area needs some darker color in it, maybe darker red hearts or the yoyos in a dark red. Try some yoyos out of the upper red material.

    I love the pot with the yoyos, very nice.

    I also like your hair, looks very nice on you.

    Give your helper a hug and kiss from us.
    Love randma Geri

  2. The wall hanging is cute add some darker yo yo in the middle of the bottom one and lighter yo yo in the top i would make them in the shape of a heart… Good luck

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