451st Post Give Away

This is my 451st post. Where has the time gone? In honor of it I am giving away these awesome gifts. There is a catch though so keep reading.

I am a co-administrator on My Quilting Buddies.com. My dear friend Tina started this website back in August as a place for us to meet and swap. It is full of really awesome people from around the world. We have monthly, quarterly, sewing, and non sewing swaps. We also have a ton of links to free patterns and blocks. Some of which I created. There is also a barter board for sewing and non sewing items.We would love to have you come and join us.

If you join My Quilting Buddies in February you will be entered in the drawing for these gifts. I am really hoping we can get some new friends to swap with. If you do this and post about it on your blog you will get an extra entry. Make sure that you post separately for these two entries. So one post here that you joined the group and a separate one for posting on your blog. I will draw a name for the give away on February 28th. Hubby has surgery on the first. Don’t think I will be anywhere near a computer to draw a name at that time.

The prizes to be given away to one person are this table runner made by me, the 50 Country Quilting Projects Book, and a Moda Charm pack.

I will also include a Moda Charm pack.

Love Wall Hanging

I posted recently about a WIP. It is now finished. It took me a day to really think about where I wanted to go. My original vision just wasn’t panning out. Usually I don’t have this problem. A BIG Thank you to those of you who posted helpful ideas. I went kind of quilting crazy on it though. It is for a swap partner who lives in Oklahoma. I hope she loves it.

Shrek and a Spongebob Squarepants Blanket

What do Shrek and Spongebob Squarepants have in common you ask? Well nothing of course. Tim got a Shrek headband at a party expo last month. I took a few picture of Andrew playing with it. He is just too cute.

Yesterday I put the binding on a blanket for Andrew. The green fleece fabric has Spongebob and Patrick Star playing baseball. I got it really cheap at Hancock. I was going to make it and give it to him for Christmas. However I ran out of time. I don’t think he minds though. Who can resist that smile.