Snow Day…in Alabama???

Today we got an unexpected 4 inches of snow. It started out as sleet and quickly turned to HUGE snowflakes. We never get this much snow and no one saw it coming. Here is what it looked like at 7:30am. It was about an inch thick.

This is at 9:30am with 4 inches.

4 thoughts on “Snow Day…in Alabama???

  1. OMG you know your a craft aholic when you use a quilting ruler to measure the snow fall. I’m laughing so hard that you might be able to hear me all the way over there. 5 stars for this one!

  2. Hi, I am down in Calhoun County and I heard they got some snow up near Huntsville today! Wow, 4 inches worth! Pat at Bell Creek Quilts told ms she saw your post about it. What a winter.

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