Cuddle Teddy Flannel Baby Quilt

I finished this baby quilt this morning. It is so cute. I washed it once and it has ruffled up pretty good. It is so soft and cuddly. The material is flannel and made by Henry Glass. They have the pattern for free on the website under the New Projects Link. It was pretty easy. You can buy a special cutter to cut the slits. However it is $30 at Hancock. You can find it cheaper on Ebay. I just used my sharpest scissors. My hand got a little tired.  I had to take a break. I just love how it turned out.Thanks Gram for asking me to make this.

3 thoughts on “Cuddle Teddy Flannel Baby Quilt

  1. Holly,
    The quilt is so beautiful. I know my friend will love this baby quilt and it will be so cuddly. Thank you so much for making it.

    Love Gram

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