17 Pounds Lost

Wow I can’t believe I am so close to losing 20 pounds. It is an amazing feeling to step on the scale and watch it go down instead of up. Thanks to God and the Setting Captives Free program The Lords Table. I am on my way to being the best me yet, physically and spiritually.

The boys have chicken pox. All three of them. It makes me think of when my friend and I had the chicken pox at 15 during spring break. Her brother had them the week before. My mom and I went on a trip to VA to visit my uncle. I felt awful the whole drive up. The next day I was covered in chicken pox. It was awful. Definitely something I will never forget. I think I have a picture some where.

5 thoughts on “17 Pounds Lost

  1. Congratulations on the weight loss! Keep going – it’s worth it. After a stroke scare last summer, I asked the Lord for the grace to limit my diet and keep up with walking on the treadmill. Short story but a lot of work – I lost 45 pounds over 6 months, am at a healthy weight and will stay this way. I have made permanent changes to the way I eat, through God’s grace am excited about my fruit/veg/salads, and have no cravings for the things that I could never have given up on my own.

  2. Congratulations Holly, 20 lbs.

    I hope the boys get over their poxs without a lot of discomfort.

    The White girls and I went to the Lilac Parade today. We had a really nice time.

    Love Gram

  3. Congrats on the weight loss. Boy I remember the chick pox all to well. You said MOM come in the bathroom and look at me. We literally watch the pox develop one at a time. I sent Teddy an email to let him know he has never had them.
    Love and miss you, Mom

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