Quilted Selvage Fabric Postcard

I have been too busy to make much of anything lately. It has been well over a month since my last post. I did make this selvage fabric postcard yesterday. The great thing about fabric postcards is that you can get one done fairly quickly. I keep my fusible interfacing and muslin backing in a bin precut. That way if inspiration strikes I can get right to it and not have to cut everything up. This particular one took me all of 15 minutes to complete. I already had theĀ variegatedĀ green thread on the quilting machine for a table runner that I am almost done quilting. I ran with it and practiced some loops.

It is very cold today. Tyler had a soccer game @ 12pm. It was 33 degrees. Yikes. Andrew and I didn’t make it long out in the elements. His poor little face looked like it was getting chapped. We went to the van and I let him sit in the drivers seat. He loves to sit and “drive”. He was having way too much fun. He had the windshield wipers going and the window going up and down. It is amazing how the simplest things amaze him. I wish more people could keep that kind of joy as they get older.

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