Fabric Postcards

I recently posted on my fabric postcard blog about 4 fabric postcards that I made. If you would like to see them you can go to Posty Pals. I am trying to keep the posts I put on Fabric Mom about quilting. I also have quite a few links to sites on how to make a fabric postcard.

There is quite a lot of people joining us at swap bot on the Fabric Postcard group. Each month I host a fabric postcard swap. The group that I am a co-founder of on swap-bot also has a few fabric postcard swaps.

I really enjoy making fabric postcards. Making quilts can take anywhere from a week to years to finish. I can make a fabric postcard in about 15 to 30 minutes depending on the embellishments and quilting. Doesn’t everyone love a little instant gratification every now and then.

If you are new to fabric postcards and have any questions feel free to ask.  If I can answer them I will. I love to share ideas and help fellow crafters. Happy sewing and God Bless.

Jean Purse WIP

I cut up an old pair of jeans today. The legs will be cut up for a quilt. I decided to use the top part to make a purse. I have seen these all over and wanted one.  So today was the day to make my own.


I still have to make the handles. I am going to make a belt to go in the belt loops. The flowers are sewn on. I used my machine. I am going to glue a pretty button or something in the middle of the flower. This picture was taken with out the flash.dsc06325

Tooth Fairy Pillow and Lye Soap

I have been encouraging my sister in-law, Mary to make some things to put on Etsy. She recently took a trip to KY to see the in-laws and Judy taught her how to make lye soap. I told her to wrap some up and I would put it on my Etsy store to see if we can sell any of it.



She also made an adorable tooth fairy pillow for her daughter Emily. I asked her to make one for Joshua. He will be losing a tooth soon. (I will post a picture of his in a later post). She is in the process of making a few to put on Etsy. They are just so cute. Her mother made some for her and her sister when they were little.It is completely hand sewn. Even the pocket.


Isn’t it adorable?

You can see the listing in my Etsy store.

Oh and on a sewing note, I made one block for a swap. Woo Hoo!!!

dsc06236The picture is a little blurry. It is for a swap. Using the Tennessee pattern. I have 5 more to make. It felt great to sew.