Reruns Consignment Sale

In October 2019 my husband and I bought a pop up consignment business. Twice a year we set up in a gym and consignors bring items for us to display for sale. The public has 10 days to shop. We then sort it and give what didn’t sell back to the consignors. We just finished our 8th sale. Next spring will start our 5th year in business.

We have learned so much and meet some amazing people who have become our friends and family. It is fulfilling my dream of owning a business. It hasn’t been easy. Some times it is down right exhausting. Especially when it is 100 degrees outside in September. The past month has really put me to the test. Putting all the equipment up, displaying all the items people bring to sell, having to sort it, sell it (which is the easy part), give it back, and then tearing down the equipment is a huge undertaking. None of this would happen with out the help of our children, friends, and volunteers. Like raising a child it takes a village. I am so proud of my village. The people who step up every time to help are the driving force of what makes this business successful.

People bring a wide variety of items like clothing, shoes, purses, wallets, belts, jewelry, baby gear, toys, games, home decor, books, and kitchen accessories. This past sale we had 138 consignors drop off. Each consignor brought at least 40 items. Some brought much more. It is exciting to organize it and see what they drop off displayed for the public to purchase.

We get positive feedback from consignors and customers. Some times not so positive. That is all part of it. We are learning to take it in stride and do the best we can. It seems like with every sale we learn something and tweak a few things to try to make the sale a better experience for everyone involved.

Our goal is to one day have a permanent location and stay open year round. We will see how it goes. If it is meant to be it will happen.

Badge Reels or Bust

A friend of mine works as a nurse at one of the local hospitals. She suggested that I start making badge reels. I had no idea that this was even a thing. I did a little browsing and decided why not give it a try. I started making them back in October and to say that I was busy is an understatement. Between badge reels and Christmas ornaments I was sewing 5 days a week and trying to get our daily needs met. I have mailed them all across the country over the last 6 months.

I have discovered that I rather enjoy making small in the hoop projects that can be stitched out fairly quickly. I also make, burp cloths, decorative hand towels, hand sanitizer holders, lip balm holders, key chains, cord wraps, and bookmarks.

If you have reached this far, thank you.

Happy Sewing and stay safe.


I’ve Been at the Shoals Flea Market

My friend Angie and I have been setting up a booth on the third weekend of every month at the Muscle Shoals Flea Market. We both crochet, although she has mastered it. I am a beginner for sure. I have been making items with my embroidery machine to sell at the flea market. We have all things baby and some adult items. Hats, sandals, headbands, burp cloths, hang towels, pacifier clips, baby blankets, booties, t-shirts, handmade outfits, barefoot sandals, and jewelry. We are having so much fun and have met some great people.


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Around the World Blog Hop

I was invited by Pat @ Bell Creek Quilts to participate in a Around the World Blog Hop a few weeks back. I wasn’t quite sure what I was getting myself into. I said, “Yes” none the less. I don’t really think I know how to say, “No”.

A few years ago I received an embroidery machine for Christmas. It has really put a dent in my quilt making. This picture is scripture that I embroidered in the center of a cancer quilt.

breast-cancer-awareness-quilt-block-center-embroidery-500x500I have made a lot of T-Shirt quilts for people over the last few years. The last one in March of this year.

addisyns-t-shirt-quilt-fabricmom1. What am I working on?

Right now I am trying to decide what to start next. I haven’t done any major projects in a while. I have a quilt that a friend brought to me to quilt for her. That will probably be my next adventure. I also have a few baby quilts in mind.

2. How does my work differ from others of its genre?

Well that is a tough question. I have my hands in so many pots. Usually I think of a block and design a quilt around that block. I don’t tend to look for complete patterns to use for my quilts. I have had a few requests lately to make patterns available for quilts that I have made. I have also received a few photos from readers who have made quilts using the patterns I create.

3. Why do I create what I do?

Giving my time and the items I make to others is why I do what I do. God has blessed me with an ability to be creative and giving. I don’t look for anything in return. I just like making people happy.

4. How does my creating process work?

So many things inspire me. God, other peoples work, my family, and friends. When I am inspired I have to jot it down quick or I will lose it. I keep a chunky note book in my purse for this reason. When I start a project I have to have a few hours with no distractions. I get so focused on what I am doing I am oblivious to what is going on around me.

5. Who am I?

DSC01884copyA God fearing wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, teacher, pet lover, quilter, a fabriholic, and homemaker.

6. Who did I invite?

I asked a few ladies if they wanted to participate. I had two takers:

Jean @ Jean’s Quilting Page

Jean is a very busy lady. She teaches classes on peacing quilts and on quilting. I don’t know where she gets the energy from. I am envious. We have been blogging friends for quite some time.

Sharon @ Coyote Quilts

Sharon and I met many years ago through a quilt group on yahoo. We have made many a quilt blocks and swapped. There’s no telling just how many. Sharon is much more diligent in taking those blocks and making them into tops. I’m pretty sure her track record for finishing project is better than mine as well.

Please take the time to visit these lovely ladies. They will be posting next Monday.

Happy sewing and God Bless!



Bama Girl Applique Shirt

I made this Bama Girl Applique Shirt for myself right before Christmas. I bought the design from a digitizer and then added the word Girl to it. We love Alabama football here in North Alabama. Too bad they aren’t playing tonight. I can’t decide if I will be routing for Auburn or Florida State tonight. Either way it will be a fantastic football game.

How to make a kids cape

I was cutting up t-shirts and sweat shirts that belong to our eldest son today when I had a flash of genius. There was an adult large hooded sweat shirt that looked like a kids cape once I cut off the arms and the front. Our youngest son, Andrew will be four in April. I had him try on the kids cape and he loves it. He didn’t really want to pose for pictures. He is camera shy and has a hard time standing still.

This post is for all you moms out there on a budget with boys who like to play make believe. Happy cutting.

Updated UFO List

Tops- Need to be sandwiched and quilted

  1. Cowboy Baby Quilt
  2. Gingerbread man wall hanging
  3. 2007 BOM quilt
  4. Broken dishes baby quilt
  5. Blue snowball quilt
  6. Red & Yellow floral Zig Zag quilt

Blocks Done- Need to be sewn into tops

  1. Prairie Queen Fish And Batiks (Just have to add borders 4/4/08)
  2. Pink and White 9 patch
  3. Batik Churn Dash
  4. Blue and Cream Civil war sampler (Sashing pinned on)
  5. Bright Quilt
  6. Halloween Quilt
  7. Red/White/Black quilt
  8. Fish block top
  9. Balkan puzzle
  10. Floral log cabin
  11. Red Anvil
  12. Floral Shoo-fly
  13. Orange and green Snowball
  14. Autumn trails

WIP- Need more blocks to complete

  1. Bow Tie
  2. 2006 BOM
  3. White and cream log cabin
  4. Sunbonnet Sue
  5. Butterfly Shoo-fly
  6. Heart Crazy Quilt
  7. 30’s Churn Dash( Have enough blocks, just have to make into a top)
  8. 2008 BOM ( Have all the blocks, need to be sewn together)
  9. Scrappy Block
  10. Friendship Star
  11. 25 patch Star wall hanging
  12. Double friendship star
  13. Blue and white Star

The sad part is that there are more UFO’s to add to the list. LOL. I finished 11 projects that were on the list. Down to 33.