Silly Boys

I was playing around with the camera yesterday taking some black and white pictures. The boys decided they wanted their picture taken too.

Here is a picture Tyler took. I was feeding Andrew and Josh wanted to sit with me. They are so sweet. I love my boys.

Log Cabin Candle Mat

I made this log cabin candle mat this morning for one of my aunts who just had surgery. It measures 9 x 9 inches. And the best part is that it is made from using scraps. I didn’t have to buy anything. Yeah. Now I want to make some for myself.

I received this fabric postcard the other day from a swap partner named Dorothy. Isn’t it adorable. I love it.

Here are a few pictures of Andrew that I took yesterday. He is getting so big and fast. I put this bouncer together yesterday. We got it as a baby shower gift from some o the ladies at church. He seemed to like it.

More Pictures of the Boys

Here are a few pictures of Andrew and Joshua. I took some of them yesterday and some of them this morning.

Here is Andrew during tummy time. He doesn’t really care for it. This is a great shot of him holding up his head. He has his other leg hiked up. He tries to get them underneath him. He resembles a turtle stuck on his shell. It is too cute.

In this picture Andrew is letting us know that he has had enough of playing on the floor.

Can you tell they are brothers? They are the spitting image of each other. Too cute.



Here is a picture of my boys on Joshua’s birthday 5 years ago. Tyler was almost 8. His birthday is Friday and he will be 13. Holy Moly where has the time gone?


Here is a picture of them from a few weeks ago. They have gotten so big. We sure have been blessed. Now we have another one on the way.