Paci Bib

A friend recently shared a picture with me of a Paci Bib that you can snap a pacifier to so that it doesn’t get lost when the baby spits it out. I went home and modified a bib design that I already had and my version of the Paci Bib was born. She have been selling them at our local flea market for me.

paci-bib-11 paci-bib-12 paci-bib-13

Nautical Themed Baby Quilt

I used the Moda Nautical and Nice charm pack to make the above quilt. I didn’t use many of the light colored charms. I like how the squares float off of the blue fabric. To me it resembles square life preservers.

I free motion quilted the baby quilt with a wave pattern using a cream colored thread from Ken’s Sewing Center. The fabric on the back is a Noah’s Ark print that I got a ton of years ago at a thrift store. I think I may have enough left for one more baby quilt back.

Fabric Book Mark Instructions

Okay here is my latest quick and easy endevor. Fabric book marks.

I cut a scrap peice of fabric 4 1/2 x 6/1/2 inches. Folded it in half length wise right sides together. Sew across the bottom and up the side. Turn it inside out. Use a pen or chop sticks to press out the corners. Cut a piece of heavy card stock or a manila folder into a 1 7/8 inch piece. The length will need to able be at least 6 inches. Insert the paper into the bookmark. Cut off the excess paper. Turn the raw edge into the book mark and sew it closed. I used a heavy duty needle and some embroidery thread to add tassels to the end of some of them. You could also quilt them with a machine and a heavy duty needle.

Busy day…

Today has been a productive day. I sewed two friendship squares for a swap.

I also sewed together 9 churn dash blocks that are made from 30’s material for a baby quilt. The blocks are from a swap. The only one I made is the purple floral block at the top.


Then the kids and I went out for a while and did yard work. Man was it hot outside. We weren’t out there very long before we had sweat dripping in our eyes. We came in around 11:30am for lunch. It was getting too hot.

After lunch I got brave and started peeling off the wall paper in our foyer. It was an ugly green striped paper. It came off relatively easy. I discovered that there was another layer underneath that. An ugly blue floral. Yucko. So now I have to decide what to do next.