Work In Progress – Cowboy Quilt

I started a baby blanket for my cousin’s son two years ago. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to finish it. It is one of those projects that I have felt some guilt over not finishing. Terrance isn’t a baby anymore so I had to add to the original blanket to make it bigger. I had to think about what I wanted to do to it for a few days. I don’t have anymore of the cowboy material so I wasn’t sure what exactly I was going to do. I just know that I didn’t want to scrap it and start over. Here is it before adding to it.


After some much needed sewing, yesterday it was turned into this.


I think to finish it off I am going to add some 4 patches to the top and bottom and then a dark blue border.

Another One Bites The Dust


I was able to finished this quilt last night while Andrew was sleeping. I am sending it to some one for a baby shower gift. It feels great to have one less quilt to finish. Now I am down to 34 UFO’s.  I have decided to make the baby quilt for my cousin Terrance bigger. He isn’t a baby anymore. So now I am going to add some nine patches to make it bigger. I was able to get the strips ironed and some muslin cut for the nine patches. I am using blue strips from my stash. Here is what the quilt looks like before adding more to it.