Crazy Quilt, Screaming child, and Kitties Oh My.

Well I can start by saying that my glasses broke yesterday. Thankfully my prescription isn’t too bad and I can see okay. Things aren’t exactly clear. But I can get by for a few days. We got a wonderful gift from a neighbor. Mike who lives down the street stopped Tim and asked him if we would like a basketball goal. He said that his kids are all grown up and it is just sitting there. He walks his dog by our house and thought the boys might like to have it. Tim went down there are they wheeled it home. It was such a generous thing to do.

The boys were so excited. They played last night. Tim played a game with Tyler. I had to take Joshua to open house at school. By the time we got home it was dark. He was asking first thing this morning to play when he gets home.

I join a swap where 5 people send you an ugly 6 inch square. You have to make a wall hanging using almost all of each square. So I added a few more and made a crazy quilt wallhanging with them. We have to post pictures and if someone likes yours the best they send you a F8. So hopefully I will get some in the mail. If not it was fun.

Here is a picture of my sewing partner. He wasn’t happy at all that I choose to let him scream and not hold him while I got a little sewing done. He is so spoiled rotten.

When I went outside to take a picture of the basketball goal the cats greeted me. Dash always walks right in front of you trying to stop you and make you pet him.

Dot is nick named Scaredy Cat. She always runs away when you try to get close to her.

Fabric Post Cards

Okay, I have been wanting to make fabric post cards for a long time. I signed up for a swap the other day and have to make four. I figured this was a great way to bite the bullet and do it. Oh my, I am in love with making them. These are the first 3. I made 2 more with different cats but I haven’t finished the edges yet. I will post those later. They are simple but speak volumes to me.