Fabric Book Mark Instructions

Okay here is my latest quick and easy endevor. Fabric book marks.

I cut a scrap peice of fabric 4 1/2 x 6/1/2 inches. Folded it in half length wise right sides together. Sew across the bottom and up the side. Turn it inside out. Use a pen or chop sticks to press out the corners. Cut a piece of heavy card stock or a manila folder into a 1 7/8 inch piece. The length will need to able be at least 6 inches. Insert the paper into the bookmark. Cut off the excess paper. Turn the raw edge into the book mark and sew it closed. I used a heavy duty needle and some embroidery thread to add tassels to the end of some of them. You could also quilt them with a machine and a heavy duty needle.

Homemade Doll

So I attempted to make another doll. This time I made the pattern bigger and gave her some funky pink hair and a heart shaped face. She also has a pretty purple butterfly on her tummy. Joshua asked me what I named her. I told him she didn’t have a name yet and asked him what we should name her. He said to name her Holly. So Holly it is.

Dotee Doll

I have been seeing these cute little dolls around the internet. So I found some instructions on how to make them. This is the first one I have made. It is okay. I am not thrilled with it. I think I am going to like it more if she has hair.I did not have time last night to embellish her a lot either. I think these will make great Christmas gifts or gifts for people who have been sick. You never know I may send one to a Fat Quarter winner.

He is the website of the lady who started the Dotee Doll. Her name is Dot. She makes beautiful dolls.

Here is a video of instructions on how to make one if you are interested. They are on another ladies blog called Smiles and Sunshine.