Tutu’s, Hair Bows, Baby Quilts, and More!

I went to North Carolina the first week of February. Laura, (One of the 2 best friends I have known since 7th grade) had to have surgery. Where she lives she has no family to help her around the house so she could rest. She has two kids and I knew that she would do way more than she was supposed to. She had two baby quilts waiting for me to quilt while I was there. I forgot to get a picture of the first one. I’ll have to have her email one to me. This one I brought home with me and free motion quilted last week.

This picture was with the flash on. I quilted it with a simple loop pattern all over.

I also finished making a Kindle cover today for a friend at church. I asked her what color she said it didn’t matter as ling as it was girly. The inside is a pale pink with white polka dots.

I also sewed a tutu on to this size 3T tshirt.

I sewed a tutu on a onesie but I think I sewed it too high up. A girl from church is gonna try it on her toddler to see how far I need to come down with it.

This is a hair bow I made that is for sale on Etsy.


I joined the Zibbet community recently. If you are an artist of hand made items then you need to know about Zibbet. It is very similiar to Etsy.

I opened a shop there (Fabricmom) to advertise the quilts I make. Right now I have up a listing for a crib sized memory quilt.

The community is for the people who have shops to communicate and share information. I came across these two articles about tagging. They are both full of very good information.

The Zibbet Tag Game

Tag! Your it.

Now of course it will probably be my luck that you have to be a member to read the articles.

Fabricmom1 on Etsy.com

I set up an Etsy account this week. I have been wanting to for a while. I figured maybe I should try to make a little money off my hobby. I have put 20 items on in the past few days. Today I made my first sale. I was so excited I had to run in the other room and tell my hubby. I have so many ideas and not nearly enough time to do what I want to do. The wheels are turning.