Fabric Postcards

I recently posted on my fabric postcard blog about 4 fabric postcards that I made. If you would like to see them you can go to Posty Pals. I am trying to keep the posts I put on Fabric Mom about quilting. I also have quite a few links to sites on how to make a fabric postcard.

There is quite a lot of people joining us at swap bot on the Fabric Postcard group. Each month I host a fabric postcard swap. The group that I am a co-founder of on swap-bot also has a few fabric postcard swaps.

I really enjoy making fabric postcards. Making quilts can take anywhere from a week to years to finish. I can make a fabric postcard in about 15 to 30 minutes depending on the embellishments and quilting. Doesn’t everyone love a little instant gratification every now and then.

If you are new to fabric postcards and have any questions feel free to ask.  If I can answer them I will. I love to share ideas and help fellow crafters. Happy sewing and God Bless.

Hummingbird Fabric Postcard

I also made this hummingbird fabric postcard for a friend. I don’t want to say who because she reads my blog. LOL. She will figure it out when she gets it in the mail this week. I drew the hummingbird with a black permanent fabric pen. I then used fabric markers to color it in and add detail. I am making a few Christmas gifts this way.

Sock Monkey Fabric Postcard

I made this fabric postcard for a swap bot partner who like sock monkeys. I embroidered it while watching TV the other night. It took about an hour. I looked at a few pictures on the internet and figured I could draw one of my own. My hubby is calling it a gym monkey. He said it looks like he has on a headband and wristbands. He is going to the gym to work out. LOL.

Butterfly Fabric Postcard

I received this beauty from June in NY. She was a swap partner from Swap Bot.

It is almost November and time for a new round of fabric postcard swapping. If you are interested in joining us go over to Brenda’s blog and leave her a comment. We have quite a few ladies swapping with us. It has been so much fun. You can make and send as many as you like and sit out when you want.

October’s Fabric Postcards

We got these wonderful fabric post cards in the mail this week. The top left is from Brenda. Very cool. She has way more patience then I do for that much satin stitching. She also made the one on the bottom right. She sent Tyler and Joshua each one. They love them. The top right is from Carol in Sweden. And the botton left is from Rhonda in Texas.

My momma sent me some money for my birthday. My birthday is tomorrow. I went to hobby Lobby this morning and bought myself some stuff. The jewelry making stuff was on sale. So I bought this chain and pendant for less than $5.00. Thanks mom.

Butterfly Fabric Postcard

Look at this lovely goody I received in the mail. Isn’t it gorgeous? I just love butterflies. How lucky am I to receive this gem? Very. Many thank yous Vicki in AZ. I also have to say,”Thank you” to Brenda for hosting such a fabulous fabric postcard swap. I have made some wonderful friends through it. October will be here soon so if you would like to join us in our endeavors of fabric postcard craftiness please do. Go to Brenda’s site and say I sent ya.

Here is a picture of Andrew taking his nap. Right now. It is so peaceful all I hear is the clock ticking, the dog barking, and the keyboard clicking. LOL.

Have a blessed day and leave me a comment if you want to be enter in the fat quarter drawing. I will draw a name October the 3rd.

200th Post

It is hard to believe that I have reached 200 posts in less than 9 months. Where has the time gone? So I have decided to give away three items. For the 1st prize I made a Batik table runner. It measures 9 1/2 x 22 inches.

Here is the back.

Here is what 2nd place will get. A Moda Flannel Charm pack.

3rd place will get this fabric postcard I made.

I will announce the winners on Monday morning. So leave me a comment between now and Monday morning. Good luck.