3 blogs

Ask me why I have three blogs? It is crazy trying to keep up with one.  I try to keep this blog just for sewing and quilting. I have Fabric Mom’s blog which is the first one I started where I post about other crafts I make. And then there is Posty Pals, which  is for fabric postcards. Posty Pals originally started as a group of 6 or 7 women who all swapped with each other. We don’t get to swap like we used to. However I still keep the blog going for people interested in making fabric postcards and for people to get ideas from.

I recently posted some new posted some new pictures if you would like to go over there and visit.

Fabric Mom’s Blog

Posty Pals

Fabric Postcards

I recently posted on my fabric postcard blog about 4 fabric postcards that I made. If you would like to see them you can go to Posty Pals. I am trying to keep the posts I put on Fabric Mom about quilting. I also have quite a few links to sites on how to make a fabric postcard.

There is quite a lot of people joining us at swap bot on the Fabric Postcard group. Each month I host a fabric postcard swap. The group that I am a co-founder of on swap-bot also has a few fabric postcard swaps.

I really enjoy making fabric postcards. Making quilts can take anywhere from a week to years to finish. I can make a fabric postcard in about 15 to 30 minutes depending on the embellishments and quilting. Doesn’t everyone love a little instant gratification every now and then.

If you are new to fabric postcards and have any questions feel free to ask.  If I can answer them I will. I love to share ideas and help fellow crafters. Happy sewing and God Bless.

Posty Pals Fabric Postcards

If you follow my blog on a regular basis then you know that a group of women and I make fabric postcards and swap them with each other each month. Brenda decided that we needed a name. So we all gave suggestions and then Posty Pals was decided upon. After much thought I decided to start a site in honor of our group and where people can come to learn about making fabric postcards. If you would like to, head over there and let me know what you think, please leave me a comment. If you come across anything that might be cool for me to post about on this site please let me know.

Posty Pals Blog

Halloween Fabric Postcards

Yesterday while Andrew took a nap I was able to make some Halloween fabric postcards to mail out for this month.

This one shows some free motion quilting I did to give it a little more pizazz.

This bat I ironed on. It looked a little blah so I decided to try a little free motion quilting on it too. I like the craziness of the outline on the bat. I still have to finish the edges on all of these with a satin stitch.

Fabric Postcards, a Tote Bag, and Greeting Cards

I have been slacking in posting pictures of the fabric postcards I received this month. I received a wonderful hand embroidered one from Brenda. She doubts her skills but I think it is perfect. Much better than I would do.

She also sent me a tote bag she made. The pink fabric is one of my favorites. It will get a lot of use carrying my groceries.

Rhonda in TX sent me a fabric postcard with a hurricane Ike theme. Too cute. The boys love it.

I also got this lovely fabric postcard from Vee in WA.

I also got some 2 1/2 inch fabric strips from a swap I host on Swap-Bot. Aren’t the lovely colors?

Here is a card that my Gramma Geri made and sent to me. She is so creative.

Today while I was on the phone with a friend I made this greeting card. It is blank on the inside. I haven’t decided who I will send it to or if I will sell it on ETSY. The print is fabric ironed onto the card. I added the ribbon on the side and glued a button and it looked finished to me.

I know I have my hand into too many buckets. This is what having ADD does to you. You can’t stay satisfied for more than 15 minutes with doing one thing.

Free Motion Quilting & Fabric Postcards

Today I took the plunge and tried free motion quilting. I have had the foot for a while. So I got a scrap block and practiced.

Can anyone who quilts with a machine suggest why I am getting a little loopy on the back. Is my tension to tight or loose? It was hard trying to keep the fabric moving.

I also did this postcard.

My oldest son Tyler wanted to make a postcard. So he went through my scraps and sewed these pieces together. Not too bad. I did the rest of the work for him.