Belated Birthday Cake & Christmas Ornaments

Tyler baked a cake last night. It is butter pecan with chocolate icing. Yummy. He has said that he wants to be a chef. He is a teenager and will probably change his mind a million times by the time college roles around. The cake mix was left over from my birthday. Tim was supposed to bake it but couldn’t because the roast was in the oven. The picture is a little blurry. He was being goofy. So this is the only good one I got.

I made these two Christmas ornaments today for a swap partner. I hope she likes them. They had to be handmade. I hand stitched the beads on and hand stitched them close.

The Christmas tree is a dark green felt with glitter on it. It is hard to tell from the picture.

Angel & Gingerbread Man Felt Christmas Ornaments

I am in a swap were I have to make two Christmas ornaments made out of felt. I searched the internet looking for ideas. I came up with an angel and gingerbread man. Over all they weren’t too hard. The hardest part was turning them the right way after I sewed them. I had to leave the hole for turning in the gingerbread man larger than I wanted to. So he is stitched up on the left leg. I used wooded beads for the eyes and belly. I thought I would use white rick rack for the trim but I didn’t have any. So the next best thing was to hand stitch the icing. I think he definitely has that handmade look. The angel has some yarn glue to her head for hair and golden wings. I would say the gingerbread man is roughly 4 inches long and the angel is almost 3 inches long.

These will be mailed to my partner who by the way lives in Ireland.

Today was Joshua’s last soccer game for this year. They tied 2-2. It was fun but we froze our buns off. It was 47 degrees at 8am. Burrrr.

Dotee Doll

I have been seeing these cute little dolls around the internet. So I found some instructions on how to make them. This is the first one I have made. It is okay. I am not thrilled with it. I think I am going to like it more if she has hair.I did not have time last night to embellish her a lot either. I think these will make great Christmas gifts or gifts for people who have been sick. You never know I may send one to a Fat Quarter winner.

He is the website of the lady who started the Dotee Doll. Her name is Dot. She makes beautiful dolls.

Here is a video of instructions on how to make one if you are interested. They are on another ladies blog called Smiles and Sunshine.