Gymnastic T-Shirt Quilt

I finished this quilt today. I have been trying to make it over the past month. It is hard with all the kids home. Saturday my husband let me whole myself up in the sewing room and get the top finished. I started sandwiching it yesterday and finished it this morning. It is great to finally be done with it.

I went to register Josh for Kindergarten this morning. The school right down the road from our house would be the best to go to but it has a waiting list. The secretary told me that they would call me if a spot came open. So now I have to enroll him half way across town. My husband called and complained. They said that there are no districts here so anyone can register their kids there. Crazy.

Joshua, Andrew, and I went for a walk this morning. It was nice out. Not too hot yet. Our cat Dash decided to follow us. This is the second time he has done that. By the time we got home his tongue was hanging out of his mouth. Poor little guy.