Update on Stephen

Thanks to everyone who prayed for my family and cousin. He got to go home. He is one lucky man. He has to wear the Halo for a while. Hopefully everything will heal well and he will lead a normal life. I truly believe our prayers were answered. Hugs to you all.

Prayers Needed

I received an email from my grandmother this morning. My cousin Steven was in a bad car accident yesterday afternoon. He thinks he fell asleep while driving. He isn’t sure. He flipped his truck 4 times and hit a utility pole. He was airlifted to the hospital and is in bad shape. So far all I know is that he has broken two bones in his neck. He can move his arms and legs. They are doing an MRI today. I will post when I know more. He is in his late twenties and has a one year old boy named Terrance.

I know that there are healing powers from prayers. God does awesome things all we have to do is ask. Thank you for your kindness.