Recovered Car Seat

Our car seat has been used for two children 5 years apart in age. It has seen better days. I took it out of the van this past weekend to wash it. The cover is made out of a woven gray and black plaid material. It was starting to fray and coming apart from so much use. I took it out of the dryer at 10:30pm Friday evening. It was awful. I clipped all the strings that were coming apart. I knew if I let it go it was only going to get worse. So I got out a piece of thin white polyester blend that I had. I laid it on top of the part I wanted to cover and traced an outline of it. I cut it out and then pinned it to the piece of material I was going to use. When I cut out the pattern I added a 1/2 inch seam allowance for turning under. I basically appliqued it on. Now this was not an easy feet. I used the quilting machine. I started with the walking foot and didn’t get far. The feet where getting caught on the back. I then switched to the darning foot. It worked much better. It took me two hours and this is finished product.


You can kind of see the other material at the top of the seat.