Busy day…

Today has been a productive day. I sewed two friendship squares for a swap.

I also sewed together 9 churn dash blocks that are made from 30’s material for a baby quilt. The blocks are from a swap. The only one I made is the purple floral block at the top.


Then the kids and I went out for a while and did yard work. Man was it hot outside. We weren’t out there very long before we had sweat dripping in our eyes. We came in around 11:30am for lunch. It was getting too hot.

After lunch I got brave and started peeling off the wall paper in our foyer. It was an ugly green striped paper. It came off relatively easy. I discovered that there was another layer underneath that. An ugly blue floral. Yucko. So now I have to decide what to do next.


Fabric Postcard Swap


Brenda over at The Quilt Journey is hosting a post card swap. The two post cards on the left are from the swap from June. So far for July there is 4 of us swapping. If you would like to join us go over to Brenda’s blog and leave her a message. It is lovely to receive treats in the mail from sewing friends across the world. Why not join in on the fun. Happy Sewing.

Post Card Swap

My fellow Blogger Brenda from The Quilt Journey wants to start a post card swap. I thought it was a great idea so I joined. If anyone else is interested in swapping with us head over to Brenda’s blog and let her know. This will be a great way to meet new bloggers and make friends across the world. Hugs and happy blogging.

Fabric Post Cards

Okay, I have been wanting to make fabric post cards for a long time. I signed up for a swap the other day and have to make four. I figured this was a great way to bite the bullet and do it. Oh my, I am in love with making them. These are the first 3. I made 2 more with different cats but I haven’t finished the edges yet. I will post those later. They are simple but speak volumes to me.