Love Wall Hanging

I posted recently about a WIP. It is now finished. It took me a day to really think about where I wanted to go. My original vision just wasn’t panning out. Usually I don’t have this problem. A BIG Thank you to those of you who posted helpful ideas. I went kind of quilting crazy on it though. It is for a swap partner who lives in Oklahoma. I hope she loves it.

WIP Wall Hanging

I need help…..I started this wall hanging and I’m just not happy with the way it is. I want to do something to the heart blocks but I’m not sure what. Maybe appliques some solid colored hearts in the middle or some yo-yo’s. Anyone else have a better idea. I am almost ready to just scrap it.

Here is a picture of my new hair do. I cut off about 7 inches. LOL. I know I’m crazy. It is just so thick. This hair do is much easier to deal with.

I made this anvil block for a swap on Swap-Bot.

Here is my baby helping me clean the bathroom last week. He has a fascination with brooms and mops. LOL. I hope it lasts.

I signed up on line to make a quilt for the Quilts for Kids project. Downy is a sponsor. I got my kit in the mail today UPS. I knew I would get a kit for a boy. The fabrics are adorable. All I have to do is sew it together and supply the batting. Oh and quilt it. Thanks Jerrie for sending me the link for this.